Expand with Crystal

In a Soulful Living Session, Crystal will guide you into a deep state of being, where your mind expands, your heart opens, and your soul is experienced and expressed. Each sessions provides an opportunity to go within and align with your soul, feeling deeply nourished, and cared for. 

Here's How Crystal Can Help!

We all seek a sense of well-being, a desire to connect on a deeper level, to love and be love, and to understanding our purpose in life. Many of us spend so much of our life searching outside ourselves for meaning, for a deeper truth, and for happiness, yet never find what we are looking for. Crystal is here to guide you to a deeper experience within yourself.


Sliding Scale: $100-$175/Session

What to Expect in a Session?

Crystal offers in person and virtual private or semi-private sessions. Each session is unique and will be customized to meet your needs in the present moment. After the initial discussion, Crystal will intuitively guide you through a soul level experience. 


Q&A, Discussion and Guided Inquiry.

Support from Subtle Beings. 

Soul Journey Experience Guided Meditation. 

Energy Healing and Transformation.

Some sessions may also include Breath Centric Yoga (asana), pranayama, mantra, sound healing and/or yoga Nidra to help you connect deeper.

Click here to join Crystal's Soulful Living 4 Week Group Course to Align with Your Soul.

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for you and your offerings. They have brought me so much comfort, peace, and joy to my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

— Leah