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YOGA BEYOND THE PHYSICAL: Practices and Insights to Deepen Your Yoga and Enrich Your Life by Crystal Borup


Get your Autographed copy of my latest book! 


About the Book:

An important book that comes at a time of great need for humanity to experience connection, live with purpose, and to contribute to bettering the world. 


Yoga Beyond the Physical was written for yoga students, or anyone who has an interest in learning more about yoga, and wants to understand and explore yoga beyond the physical (asana) practice. This book contains yoga teachings and practices, as well as personal experiences with insight into what yoga really is and how it can help you live a more fulfilling life. 


The practices included in this book will assist with bringing clarity and balance into everyday life, strengthen your relationship to Self, deepen your connection to the world, and provide a path forward to living the life your heart desires.

Yoga Beyond the Physical Autographed Copy

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