About Crystal

I am so blessed! I am very happily married and am deeply in love with my husband. I have two beautiful step daughters, who are now young adults learning to navigate the world. My husband and I live in the Teton's, surrounded by Mother Nature. I work mostly from home and travel from time to time with my husband, or when teaching retreats and trainings. 


While this sounds wonderful, it hasn't always been easy. There have been countless lessons I've learned over the years that have been quite difficult for me. At times it was confusing and didn't make sense as to why I was so sensitive or why things were so hard. But I always knew I wanted more from life and was never willing to give up on my desire to go deeper. Now in my 40's, I can look back on my life and see how it was all necessary for me to be able to find a deep connection to my soul, and ultimately to return home to mySelf.


I began my yoga practice in 2005, which is when everything started to shift for me. After years of practicing and studying the philosophies of yoga, I began to  embody the teachings. I came to realize that yoga was so much more than a physical (asana) practice. Yoga is the union of Self with the divine. It is the remembering of our true nature. The physical practice (asana) is just a tool to help prepare the body for meditation. While asana is very important, it is not yoga. So I began teaching yoga in 2013, with the goal to focus more on the spiritual and energetic aspects of yoga with the intention to help bring people to experience a deeper state. Over the years I have come to understand that this state is a deep and authentic connection to one's soul.

Although yoga was my first love that helped me re-connect to the subtle world, around the same time, I also found myself drawn to energy work. I began to work with intuitives and healers and eventually found myself tapping into my own psychic gifts. I become a Reiki Master years ago and have found myself connecting deeply to subtle energies; Gaia, the angelic realm, and my to my own personal guides. This work combined with yoga has helped me work through my own childhood trauma, and the clearing of my ancestral trauma as well.

I believe that we all have the capacity to heal and to remember the truth of who we are and where we came from. It is with love and deep gratitude in my heart, that I acknowledge my continuous path of awakening, and humbly offer my service to world as a teacher, mentor and Soulful Living Guide.

In love & gratitude,

Crystal Borup

“These last few days, I was simply in awe of you. I witnessed a calling and an invitation to create a ripple birth itself to a wave of impact. You knew you had been called and you brought together 15 special humans to heal, energized, lift up, and realign. Don’t ever stop cutting the path of your truth. The life you’re living, loving, and sharing is a life of courage. The life of stepping away from what should be to what could be. You amaze me. You inspire me. Keep doing the work. You’re doing good things for the planet and for the people and I love you so much. I am up beyond honored and grateful to be alongside you in this life.”

— Chaney