Crystal offers on-going, in-person and virtual yoga and meditation classes, sound healing, full moon gatherings, chanting circles, and so much more!

Experience the frequencies of love, life and truth, and be deeply connected to your soul in Crystal's upcoming Soulful Living Retreat.


Join Crystal in her Soulful Living 4-week course, Align with Your Soul. Each week she will guide you on a deep soul journey experience.

Soulful Living

Crystal is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of others through soul level experiences. Her life's work is to bring people together to experience the frequencies of love, life and truth, facilitating the expansiveness of and alignment with one's soul.


Crystal is a teacher of spirituality, meditation, and yoga. She is a subtle energy activist, a reiki master, and the author of Yoga Beyond the Physical. Crystal has been teaching, guiding, and mentoring students for over a decade.


Are you ready to align with your Soul?


You feel like there is something missing in your life and you long for a deeper connection. 

You feel lost at times and don't have a clear direction of what you are supposed to be doing. 

You are ready to be empowered and want to find the confidence to stand in your own truth.

You want to discover your heart's desires and live an authentic and more fulfilling life.

You wish to simplify, align, and start living a life of ease.

You desire to be loved, nurtured, and supported by the entire universe.

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