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Are you ready to align with your soul?

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I am so glad your path brought you here! I am here be of service to the world with a pure heart, to love all beings, to live a full life, and to show up as a teacher, mentor and guide with the highest intentions for all. This is my soul work. What is yours? If you are ready to connect and align with your soul, you came to the right place. I welcome you. Explore my website and reach out if you if you have questions. I will be here when you are ready.

Hi I'm crystal.

Live the life your soul desires! 

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like there is something missing in your life and you long for a deeper connection. 

  • You want to discover your heart's desires and live an authentic and more fulfilling life.

  • You are ready to be empowered and want to find the confidence to stand in your own truth.

  • You feel lost at times and don't have a clear direction of what you are supposed to be doing. 

  • You wish to simplify, align, and start living a life of ease.

  • You desire to be loved, nurtured, and supported by the entire universe.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, trust me, YOU are not alone!

More About me.

I am a teacher of spirituality, meditation, and yoga. I am a subtle energy activist, a reiki master, and best-selling author of Yoga Beyond the Physical. I have been teaching, guiding, mentoring, and coaching students for over a decade. I am here to help you connect and align with your soul!


Join my top soul alignment offerings!

Join my upcoming Soulful Living Retreat! I am passionate about bringing people together to raise the vibration of the collective energy. Come and be deeply connected to your soul.


Be part of an online community held in an energetic field with the highest intentions for all. Have access to more offerings that will help you align with your soul! 


A holistic and energetic approach to aligning with your soul focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The program you've been waiting for!


Tap into your intuition and discover your soul's potential! Join me online for my live SOUL DISCOVERY masterclass! Oh and did I mention it's FREE!

You may have seen me here!

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Here's what people are saying!

Your classes have guided me to take the necessary steps (especially emotionally) to address the root causes of why I got sick in the first place (something that I needed to do long ago but didn’t have the tools). You have an extraordinary gift. The world needs you! - Blessings J.S.

Get my latest book!

Yoga Beyond the Physical was written for anyone who wants to understand and explore yoga beyond the physical (asana) practice. The practices included in this book will assist with bringing clarity and balance into everyday life, strengthen your relationship to Self, deepen your connection to the world, and provide a path forward to living the life your heart desires. 

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