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An Inspiring Story - Our Year to Awaken

After teaching a very long weekend of yoga teacher training, I decided to take today off and go to the local Hot Springs. I sat outside in the sunshine and while waiting for my session to begin, I met this lovely couple who lived in Northern WA. After a few minutes, they felt comfortable enough to share their story with me.

They were close to retirement age. Health and wellness was never a priority or even a consideration for them. They were both over weight, and for many years they consumed the typical meat and potatoes diet and ate a lot of fast food and junk food.

This year they were both diagnosed with cancer. The wife has ovarian cancer and said that she knew something was wrong for a couple of years but did nothing, because she was afraid of knowing the truth. The husband has a rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma. He was told by his doctor that there is no cure and if he does nothing, he only has 2 years left to live. If he gets treatment, only 5 years.

I watched them tell their story with smiles on their faces and even laughter as they fist bumped each other celebrating the fact that they were both in this together.

The husband said he was unwilling to except his diagnosis. He said there has to be another way. So they started to research alternative therapies. They became vegan. They switched to eating organic produce. They are doing cryotherapy, seeing naturopaths, getting acupuncture, and so much more. The wife looked at me and said, "this is our year to awaken". Then she laughed as though she were saying, "what the hell took us so long?"

We talked about yoga and they were open and excited to hear about my experience with healing the physical body on a energetic level. They shared with me that they were starting to see how the trauma and stress in their life contributed to where they are today.

I walked away from them inspired and hopeful, and feeling so much love for these two beautiful beings. May their story be an inspiration to us all. If you feel touched by their story, I encourage you to take a moment in stillness, connect to your heart, and offer them LOVE.

May they experience healing on a deep level. May they continue to open to a new way of living, being, and seeing the world. May they know that they are loved. May they shine their light, share their story, and inspire others to heal.

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