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The Return to Stardust

A few weeks ago I had joined a meditation group that focuses on individual and collective healing. Every meditation I've had with this group has felt so powerful. But it was the third time we met, that I was blown away by what I experienced. What I thought at the time was simply a powerful vision. I now know this to be an alternate reality. So I am taking a few moments to share with you what I experienced.

We stand together with our ancestors and each other to heal all.

My long blonde hair cascaded down my back, as I wore a wild flower halo and a long white flowing dress. I walked into a large open field and ahead of me I saw a about 30 women in a circle. They were also wearing white flowing dresses, with flowers in their hair. They were holding hands, and flowing in a clockwise direction. I knew right away they were my ancestors. As I approached the circle, two hands released and I joined them, flowing round and round together. Then I moved into the center of the circle, dancing and twirling on my own, while they continued to flow around me.

Then another group of women, also wearing white dresses with flowers in their hair formed a circle on the outside of my ancestors, moving and flowing in the opposite direction. Then my friend who was in my meditation group appeared. This new circle of women were her ancestors. She moved into the center of the circle with me, and we danced and twirled together.

Then another circle of women formed, and then another, until there were 6 circles of ancestors flowing in a circle. All 6 women from our meditation group were join in the center, dancing and twirling together.

Eventually we all laid down in the field; the 6 circles of ancestors, and the 6 women in the center. We connected deeply to the earth, felt the breeze on our skin, listened to the river and the birds, and experienced the smells of grass and wildflowers. We laid on our backs, arms along our sides, palms open as we received.

After some time, we all got up and walked to the river, wading through the water in our dresses. We walked up stream until we reached a swimming hole with a waterfall. We swam and played, as the flowing water cleansed us all. There was laughter and joy, and so much love.

Then we gathered once again in the field, this time casually in groups. All of our men and children joined us us in the field. We ate food, had conversations, and laughter. There was so much joy and and ease being together.

Then a column of gold light appeared in the field. One by one we walked into the gold light. The gold light was moving upwards from the earth to the sky. We all merged with the gold light and the gold light then became stardust. And then we just were. We were stardust... space... consciousness. Everything was just as it is, and there was a deep deep sense of peace.

Since experiencing this alternate reality, I have had several more experiences like this after and can also recognize that I've had others before as well. What I'm beginning to understand is that these experiences contribute greatly to the healing for all. Sometimes we think as humans we are so small and that we can do so little to help shift into a more loving and peaceful world. This simply isn't true.

We are all so deeply connected. From humans, to animals, plants, our planet, the cosmos, and more. Nothing is excluded. We all have what it takes within us to wake up to the truth of who we are, to remember that we are stardust. We are consciousness. We are one. With the state of our world and our planet, it is important more than ever that we come together, and do our part to awaken, to heal, and to help heal the world.

Where should you start? Start by having an open heart and an open mind with the willingness to go deeper. Please know that I am here to support you on your journey.

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