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Join our soulful family!

Join me in creating a Soulful Living Community that will not only help you connect and align with your soul, but will also contribute to building a larger heart-felt network that will strengthen the interconnectedness of humanity. This group will continue to evolve as needed for the highest purpose of all members as well as the collective. 

Have access to more offerings that will help you connect and align with your soul!

Soulful Living online community offerings

Experience expansive guided soul journey meditations with the energetic support from subtle beings.

Intentional healing sessions, based on the Power of 8 Method, a group dynamic that can heal on an individual and collective level.


Receive the clarity that your soul longs for as I lead you through guided inquiry, reflection, journaling, and intention setting. 


Gatherings devoted to building and strengthening community with time to share, ask questions, snd explore topics.


Discover tools that can help you go deeper in discovering the truth of who you are, connecting and aligning you with your soul.



Recordings of the Soul Journeys, guided inquiries, and tools to go deeper will be made available for download after each session.


 All participants are deeply supported and held in an energetic container of love and light, with the highest intentions for all. 


Enjoy access to Crystal's online yoga classes and other offerings when available. Receive early access to retreats and other events.

Be part of a community that holds the highest intentions of love, light, and truth for all.

It's an investment for your soul!